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Can I use stock photos in my eBay listings?

Craig Craig Nov 18, 2019 · 2 mins read
Can I use stock photos in my eBay listings?

Taking and uploading pictures can take a significant amount of time if you manage a large number of eBay listings. One way to cut out the manual process of taking individual photos of each item you sell is to use stock photos instead.

When listing certain items in brand-new condition, you can take advantage of eBay’s product catalog, which provides you with free stock photos of the item you’re selling. When you use eBay’s product catalog photos, you’re automatically protected from intellectual property rights infringement claims. This is because the brands who own the photos in the product catalog have already given eBay permission to allow sellers to use them.

eBay will automatically inform you if your product is included in the catalog if a notification appears stating “We might have a product in our catalog that matches the one you are selling.”

However, for items not in the product catalog or that are not brand new, uploading your own images will help you avoid copyright infringement notices as eBay continues to enforce stricter intellectual property restrictions.

The eBay VeRO program

The Verified Rights Owner (VeRO) program allows owners of intellectual property rights to report listings that infringe on those rights. If you use stock photos that are owned by another company and that company complains to eBay that your use of those photos are copyright infringement, you will receive a VeRO notice email stating that your listing has been removed. If you try to relist this item with the same photos, you will most likely receive the same email in a few days or weeks and find that your listing has been deactivated again.

A partial list of intellectual property rights owners and other VeRO participants on eBay can be accessed here.

One VeRO copyright infringement notice does not usually lead to full suspension from the eBay, but if you receive a significant number of VeRO notices – especially in a short amount of time – your account will likely be suspended and you will lose your selling privileges. eBay has become increasingly strict about copyright infringement claims, so it’s unlikely you will be able to regain your selling privileges unless the rights-holders who filed complaints against you agree to retract their complaints.

If you receive a VeRO complaint that you believe was wrongfully filed against you, you can contact the rights owner directly to and ask them to retract their complaint. The contact information for the rights owner will be included in the “VeRO Notice” email. Ultimately, the rights owner will have to contact eBay ( and ask for the retraction of that specific report.

Alternatively, you can file a counter notice (US-only) claim with the eBay VeRO team at if your listings were removed by mistake or due to misidentification. You will be provided with a United States Counter Notice form to fill out regarding the removed listing.

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